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John von Neumann University

Faculty of Teacher Education

About the Faculty

Our training covering early childhood education combines the centuries-old traditions of  pre-school and teacher education in Kecskemét and the most modern theory and practice of up-to-date education. In addition to the basics, we offer specialized further training for the professional advancement of the teachers in the region. Traditionally, a strong practical training is provided by the Faculty's school and kindergarten. Our students and instructors are characterized by active artwork, research and workshops in many fields and good positions in national scientific competitions. Studies are provided by local scholarships, vocational schools and self-learning circles.

The Faculty has a wide range of international relations, we welcome foreign students and teachers within the Erasmus program.

Our Faculty plays an important role in foreign language education and language exams, we are also the centre of several national an international language exams.

The Faculty of Teacher Education is conducting a number of scientific researches, researches related to various fields of science are carried out by research institutes.

Bachelor Courses


  • Primary school teacher training (BA)

The four-year course aims to prepare students to teach children between 6-12. Graduates can find a classroom teacher job in lower primary schools, where they teach whole classes and specialize in a curriculum domain.

We offer specializations in Hungarian Language and Literature, in Foreign Languages (German and English), Visual Education, Physical Education, Singing and Music, Mathematics, Man and Nature (sciences), Man and Society (history and social studies) and Information Technology. In these fields, graduates are trained to teach children in the first two years of the upper primary schools as well (ages 11-12).

Students are to take part in regular school practice in our practice primary school, and do a final practicum in the last term of their studies.


  •  Pre-school teacher training (BA)


The three-year course aims to prepare students to develop and care for children between 3-6 years of ages. Pre-school teachers are entitled to work in kindergartens.

In our training students do regular teaching practice in our practice kindergarten and do a final practicum in the last year of their studies.



  •  Infant and Early Childhood Education (BA)


The three-year course prepares students for childcare and developmental tasks in the education of children under 3 years of age. Infant and early childhood educators are entitled to work in child-care institutions and are prepared to take part in nursing, developing children and communicate with parents. Students do practice in nursery schools.



  •  Community Coordination (BA)


The three-year course prepares students to organise as well as manage cultural, youth or adult programmes and events at a social and financial level. Community coordinators are prepared to work for cultural, religious, civilian, entrepreneurial organisations and state or local authority institutions. They will also be able to operate integrated, multifunctional organisations. The possible specializations are Youth Community Coordinator and Cultural Community Coordinator.




The Faculty of Teacher Education advertises in-service teacher development courses every January and September. The courses and their application forms can be found on the Faculty website.